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2008-2-27 DNS server is not responding (unavailable) | Here´s how to 2020-7-18 · Click on the tab entitled 'DNS server'. Select 'Use other DNSv4 servers'. If you want to use Google’s DNS server, for example, write in the boxes by 'Preferred DNSv4 server' and next to 'Alternative DNSv4 server' write This specifies an alternative DNS server, which can be used as a backup in case your desired server fails. network - How do I set up IPv6 on my Airport Extreme 2020-7-3 · This isn't necessarily an issue: DNS will simply run over IPv4 instead, and most DNS servers still return AAAA records over IPv4. So apart from the initial name resolution, which will work over IPv4, the rest of the IPv6 traffic will generally work fine. (Note: I'm not sure whether the Airport Extreme supports DNS advertisements over IPv6). How to downgrade your AirPort device's firmware | Macworld


How to Setup IPv6 Tunnel on an Apple Airport Extreme 2020-7-2 · For this guide, I used Googles Public DNS servers however you can easily use OpenDNS’s, Tunnelbrokers or any other servers you have access to. So back on the Internet tab, you will likely see two DNS servers already entered, these are provided by your ISP, you can leave them how they are if you wish, or replace them with Google’s IPv4 DNS AirPort Extreme - Light is green, so why do I have no

AirPort Extreme - Light is green, so why do I have no

aHi all, tried all the above combinations, no luck. The AirPort Utility app just restarts the device, then says again: Problem 1 of 1: No DNS Servers This Airport wireless device doesn't have any DNS server addresses and might have trouble connecting to the internet. DNS Server(s): [] [] the last two addresses I tried. Airport Express + No DNS Servers error! - 2010-10-29 Change an AirPort Extreme's DNS Servers | Macinstruct