Welcome to the rt-n56u project. This project aims to improve the rt-n56u and other supported devices on the software part, allowing power user to take full control over their hardware. This project was created in hope to be useful, but comes without warranty or support. Installing it will probably void your warranty.

Padavan, an Alternative Firmware for Asus RT WIFI routers Asus RT-N56U is my favorite Wi-Fi router now and the price is dropping fast, so it might prove to be a great option for a gigabit router with 5Ghz capabilities. I usually go for Tomato, OpenWRT or DD-WRT firmware (in that order), but now I've tried the new Padavan Firmware and I'm delighted with it. DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Asus RT-N56U released and 2010-11-23 DD-WRT on Asus RT-N66U ~ Bay Area Tech Pros I’ve recently acquired a batch of RT-N66U (hardware version B1) routers for use in Network Setup services and had to flash one of them to DD-WRT to create a free wireless hotspot. Looking through the sea of information I found it somewhat difficult to figure out what to … Asus RT-N56U | InfoDepot Wiki | Fandom


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DD-WRT具有很多企业级路由器所具备的高端功能,例如下面的VLAN虚拟局域网的划分。华硕顶级无线路由RT-N16升级第三方固件方法(点击小图放大) 在无线应用上,刷过DD-WRT固件后的RT-N16可以支持AP、客户端、客户端网桥、中继、中继桥接等