Manual Uninstall You can uninstall older versions of Java manually in the same way as you would uninstall any other software from your Windows computer. Older

Delete User and System Environment Variables in Windows Jan 26, 2019 Uninstall programs from windows command line Uninstall Java SDK/JDK from command prompt. First you need to find the version of the Java installed on the system. C:\>wmic product get description | findstr /C:"Java" Java SE Development Kit 7 Update 79 (64-bit) Java SE Development Kit 8 Update 45 (64-bit) Java … Failed to delete a file in Windows using Java - Stack Overflow

Open: Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP ) or Programs and Features (Windows 7) Locate your version of Java in the programs list and then click Remove (Windows XP) or right-click on Java and choose Uninstall (Windows 7) Reboot your computer before reinstalling Java.

Registry cleanup after failed Java uninstall

How To Completely Remove Java From Microsoft Windows 7 & 8

Can't find, remove or install java VM on Windows 7 Feb 27, 2013 Eclipse Community Forums: Newcomers » How to uninstall > from Windows 7? > > Thanks. It's because Eclipse isn't installed software in the formal, Windows sense. Look for an installation subdirectory, likely named eclipse. Under that subdirectory, if you see files like eclipse.ini, icon.xpm and subdirectories like plugins and dropins, remove the subdirectory parent (the one named eclipse). Download Free Java Software