Recent OpenVPN installers stopped modifying the PATH. This had the unfortunate side-effect that easy-rsa no longer worked on new OpenVPN installations. To fix this PATH is now automatically set in vars.bat.sample based on a registry lookup. This should work in all cases as the registry key is added in the -post phase of OpenVPN install.

If you find yourself forgetting to switch to the easy-rsa folder regularly, you can edit the vars file and replace the EASY_RSA definition near the top with your actual easy-rsa location (e.g., /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa) rather than the default definition of "pwd" which uses the current directory. Then you can execute the scripts from any current How to Install and Configure OpenVPN Server with Linux and Nov 29, 2016 ssl - Error Loading extension section usr_cert - Stack

Openvpn in Slackware -curent: easy-rsa scripts missing

Nov 29, 2016 ssl - Error Loading extension section usr_cert - Stack

I used those exact same instructions about 2 weeks ago, and it all works just fine. I would start again from step 1 and repeat the steps. Make sure you have all the prequisite software installed.

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