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Jun 09, 2020 Home | International Office TRAVEL ALERT: Berkeley International Office (BIO) currently does not recommend travel due to the changing nature of U.S. immigration policy and the rapidly evolving COVID-19 outbreak and its impacts to global travel. For important information regarding current U.S. immigration policy, Executive Orders, and travel advisories, please see BIO's Immigration Policy Updates & FAQ webpage and Connecting to EECS Instructional Computers

This mode is useful with dedicated modem lines, ISDN and VPN connections. It is also be useful in combination with preferences that set a time range when BOINC is allowed to communicate (such as at night when the phone line won't be in use or phone rates are cheaper).

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VPN and AirBears2 Eligibility Access to bSecure Remote Access Service and AirBears2 is based on your affliation. Affiliations are set by campus systems of record, such … Admissions | UC Berkeley | University of California, Berkeley