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How to Check and Identify Which Application is Listening Dec 03, 2008 Configure port 443 to forward request to different servers Use a port other than :443 on the first server. Specify source. For example, if connections to the first server always arrive with source ip, then say -> outside_ip:443 goes to Server 1. All other connections to :443 go to server 2. Tableau Services Manager Ports - Tableau Port TCP/UDP Used by TYPE OF INSTALLATION; All. Distributed / High Availability. 80: TCP: Gateway: X 443: TCP: SSL. When Tableau Server is configured for SSL, the application server redirects requests to this port.

Nov 06, 2013

apache - Why Port 443 is being used by System Process with 6. Why Port 443 is being used by System Process with PID 4, (ntoskrnl.exe) In Windows Server 2012 R2. I need to configure this port with Apache. But unable to do this, because its already in used. apache windows-server-2012-r2.

Changing Azure database port (3 answers) Closed last year . We have an Azure sql database, the problem is our office firewall doesn't allow to access port 1433 however we have access to some other ports like 443 and 80. is it a way to change the Azure sql ports or use other Azure services like Load Balancer or Application Gateway to redirect

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