If you have stp enabled and you want to know if it's required, remove the A~C link (or any one of the interswitch links), and then disable stp on all switches and then reconnect the cable, the LAN will either stay up or go down - if it goes down, you need it, if it doesn't you don't - if you do, disconnect the link to break the loop and

Mar 27, 2013 DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - STP setting under WAN May 26, 2013 Solved: PVST+, RSTP and RAPID-PVST+ - Cisco Community Rapid STP / Rapid PVST+ is not supported on some of the older switches that may still be running in Enterprise networks. And PVST, PVST+, Rapid PVST+ are Cisco proprietary because running an instance of STP per vlan is a Cisco specific thing. Jon. View solution … Electing the Root Switch in STP - study-ccna.com

Feb 14, 2018 · By default, STP is disabled. To enable or disable Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) or Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) in the Insight mobile app: Launch the Insight mobile app. Tap Networks in the menu at the bottom. At the top, select the network location for which you want to enable or disable STP. Select Wired Settings > Spanning Tree (STP).

To verify NTP status, use the show ntp status command:. Floor1#show ntp status Clock is synchronized, stratum 2, reference is nominal freq is 250.0000 Hz, actual freq is 249.9990 Hz, precision is 2**19 reference time is DE4AB2B7.0000037A (18:49:27.890 UTC Thu Apr 5 2018) clock offset is 0.00 msec, root delay is 0.00 msec root dispersion is 0.02 msec, peer dispersion is 0.02 msec.

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