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Step 2: Navigate to DNS Section in the Router Dashboard. To change the Domain Name System settings, click the link at the top of the page labeled Network. Then in the left sidebar, click LAN, and DHCP Server. This page appears completely grayed out, meaning you are unable to make changes. We recommend unchecking the Enable DHCP Server box

Note: If your D-Link Router allows for LAN based static router, you have to change the Interface in step 6 of this guide from WAN to LAN to successfully block Google DNS on your D-Link Router. In case your router only has WAN , you should follow our guide on how to block Google DNS …

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How do I change the DNS servers on my Xfinity gateway Jun 26, 2018 Solved: Change DNS on Router - Xfinity Help and Support How can I change my DNS on the router level? Based on my experience in corporate American I know with 100% certainty that DNS queries to the default servers are spied upon and shared liberally. I would like to disable IPv6 DNS and change IPv4 to a trusted alternative. Changing the DNS server settings on a router isn't tricky, but every manufacturer uses a custom interface, meaning the process can differ depending on the router you own. Here are the steps needed to change the DNS servers on the most popular router brands.