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iTunes iTunes Features The Current Convenience of the Music. The software is always updated and improve – especially on the yearly basis. The same thing also applies to iTunes. For the current version, you can enjoy a lot of benefits. For a starter, you can stream a large number of collections with more than 50 million songs. Jul 13, 2020 · But every file in iTunes stores information about the song, such as its artist, length, and file type. To find out which file is the MP3 and which is the AAC, you can access ID3 Tags like artist, genre, and other song Info in iTunes. With it, you can share iTunes music across devices even with different Apple IDs. Try It Free Try It Free. Share iTunes music to unlimited iDevices without overwriting old music library on device. Transfer both purchased and non-purchased media. Transfer music to iPhone from computer, iTunes, external hard drive, CDs, MP3 players, etc. Sep 07, 2018 · Video showing two ways to transfer files between a PC and iOS device including how to use iTunes File Share feature. Intro animation by:

Since the iTunes interface for handling file sharing is very poorly designed, is is worth recalling the tricks that you can use to perform operations on the File Sharing space, that iTunes does not provide a button for: Rename a file or folder: click it once, wait for a couple of seconds, and click it again. This will replace the name with the

To use iTunes file sharing, connect your device to your computer with the supplied USB cable. Next, open the iTunes application. iTunes is available as a free download from Apple and is the software used for managing your iOS devices. Once iTunes is opened, tap on your device in the upper right corner to the left of the iTunes Store button. May 11, 2020 · Step 2: With iTunes open, head to the top left of your Mac screen and choose File. From here, select Home Sharing, and then select Turn on Home Sharing. Now, when you go to this section again, you