Apr 03, 2018 · The TVT Payment gateway is a secure, decentralized peer to peer (P2P) system which enables users to send and receive cryptocurrencies and/or fiat money using exchanges at nominal rates anywhere in the world and for any purpose, whether booking a m

P2P Client and Server (Servent) download | SourceForge.net Apr 25, 2013 The Top 255 P2p Open Source Projects Browse The Most Popular 255 P2p Open Source Projects. Awesome Open Source. Awesome Open Source. Combined Topics. p2p x 📊 An analytics server that doesn't undermine user's privacy. Hive2Hive: Open-Source Library for P2P-based File What is Hive2Hive? Hive2Hive is an open-source library, written in Java, for secure, distributed, P2P-based file synchronization and sharing. It is built on top of TomP2P, an advanced, high-performance DHT for multi-key-value pairs.The Hive2Hive project is licensed under the MIT License and any contribution is welcome.. Problems of Common Sync and Sharing Services

PeerStreamer-ng is the follow-up of the PeerStreamer project and a fully-fledged application for real-time P2P streaming. It is made up of a P2P powerful but lightweight streaming core and a client side flexible interface. Feautures. Open source, self-contained C code; Modular, built with extensibility in mind

Want to try your hand at building your own VPN but aren’t sure where to start? 31 Aug 2018 Paul … p2p server free download - SourceForge

An open source cybersecurity protocol for syncing decentralized graph data. iot machine-learning cryptography crypto encryption database big-data graph offline-first protocol end-to-end peer-to-peer dapp decentralized blockchain realtime p2p artificial-intelligence crdt dweb

Top 10 Free Open Source Cloud File Sharing Platforms