Dec 07, 2013

The lack of full drive encryption makes Synology solution unsafe (and slow as ecryptfs benchmarks prove). The attacker will simply collect the harddrive and harvest tons of unencrypted data: configuration, metadata, all emails (MailPlus share can NOT be encrypted), and the copies of your documents from the Synology Drive folder. Securing your Synology NAS, Part 2 - Mike Tabor Aug 06, 2014 Synology DiskStation DS215+ Review - Sep 14, 2015

Synology Disk Station DS1817 is the first value series model featuring two built-in 10GBASE-T ports and upgradable RAM module, and is powered by quad-core processor with hardware encryption engine and expandable scalability of up to 18 drives.

Synology is marketing their products as secure and private, highlighting the encryption/AES keywords on the product pages (Quad-core 4-bay NAS optimized for intensive tasks and encryption), however anyone who gets access to the device and hard drives has access to key data folders. This is insecure by design! Filename length when using encryption - Synology Community

Sep 12, 2018

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