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UIC Softphone Software: CounterPath X-Lite Softphone for Windows, Macs, and Linux : The UIC Softphone telephone account and Softphone# get their names from a type of Voice-over-IP telephone -- a software telephone, or Softphone.A softphone is is a program that enables VoIP telephone calls, such as from your Softphone account and your Softphone#, from personal computers and other computing … SIP over VPN-issue | Fortinet Technical Discussion Forums Jun 11, 2015 SIP Endpoints in Cisco Communications Manager (Call

Mar 10, 2008

First Look: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite - SmallNetBuilder Introduction. The SNB Forums have been abuzz about a new kid on the router block. Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter Lite (ERL) has been attracting attention due to its low price ($99), Gigabit ports and claims of wire-speed packet-forwarding rate.. So, having learned my lesson about Ubiquiti's (un)responsiveness to review requests when I reviewed its PowerAP N, I ordered one up.

How to Configure Site-to-Site IPsec VPN on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Bria Softphones. Bria softphone product suite from Counterpath is comprised of desktop and mobile applications which enable consumers or business users to make VoIP (Voice over IP) audio and video calls, send Instant Messages and manage their presence, all in an easy-to-use software application.