Which of the following is a primary benefit of a VPN concentrator? A. It allows a server farm to scale B. It reduces bandwidth demand on an IP WAN C. It allows traffic to travel securely over an untrusted network D. It hides inside addressess from the public Internet

VPN Appliances White Papers ( IP VPN Appliances, IPSec VPN ALSO CALLED: IP VPN Appliances, IPSec VPN Appliances, VPN Concentrators, Virtual Private Network Appliances, SSL VPN Appliances DEFINITION: A VPN appliance is a network device equipped with enhanced security features. Also known as an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) VPN appliance, it is in effect a router that provides firewall protection, load balancing, authorization,authentication and encryption Virtual Private Networks - WSSB The VPN concentrator is limited to an absolute connection time of 24 hours. 9. Users of computers that are not WSSB-owned equipment must configure the equipment to comply with WSSB's VPN and Network policies. 10. Only InfoSec-approved VPN clients may be used. 11. Site to Site VPN Between Cisco VPN Concentrator and Router At times, it is economical to build a VPN tunnel with the available networking resources. For example, if you have a VPN concentrator and you need to connect a small office securely with your network, you can do so by installing a low priced Cisco router in the remote office.

In this example, a cable modem user from home is using a PC to connect to the corporate office through a VPN gateway, say the VPN 3000 concentrator. The ISP uses DHCP to assign an IP address to the user's NIC on the home PC.

What is a VPN Concentrator? Definition, Uses and More [2020] VPN Concentrator Definition. A VPN concentrator is a Systems Administration device that allows an individual to connect to a network from anyplace in the world, through multiple VPN tunnels. This tool is particularly useful in the age of ‘digital nomads.’ How do VPN Concentrators Work? What Is A VPN Concentrator? How Does The VPN Concentrator

What is a VPN Concentrator? Definition, Uses and More [2020]

Concentrator priority. The concentrator priority determines how appliances in Hub (Mesh) mode will reach subnets that are advertised from more than one Meraki VPN peer. Similarly to hub priorities, the uppermost concentrator in the list that meets the following criteria will be used for such a subnet. A) Advertises the subnet