So, if your home computer is behind this router, it will most likely be assigned an internal IP address via DHCP when it attaches to the home network. You can find this ip on a windows system with ipconfig /all on the command line. Other operating systems have different tools.

How to Find Your IP Address | PCMag Feb 25, 2019 How to Find IP Address of Any Device On Your Network How to Find IP Address in cmd For Network. The simplest way to do that in Windows is via the …

Jul 25, 2017

Change the repeater IP address to the address belonging to the same subnet your router uses before you configure the range extending feature. Let us take an example. Let us say you are eager to set up your repeater to extend the router signal. You find out the IP address of the router. Perhaps, it is How to Find IP Camera Address & Set up Remote Viewing

Apr 19, 2016

How to Find Router IP Address in Windows 10 1. Find Default Router IP Address. Router manufacturers like D-link and Linksys use and as the Default Router IP Address and make this information available on their websites. The Default Router IP Address should also be available in the Instruction Manual that came with your Router. Find your Router's IP Address from any Device