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How can I change the country on my Playstation Network Nov 20, 2010 Problems Adding Credit or Debit Card - PlayStation If your credit or debit card is registered to an address in a different country to that of your PlayStation Store region, you may find that they cannot be linked. If you are using the PlayStation Store in North America, you will need to use a domestic debit or credit card with a North American billing address. How do I change my country or location of my Playstation

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PlayStation Network Support No, it's not possible to change your country. The Playstation Network isn't global, it's regionalized. Each territory is independently managed. That means your UK account exists on no other version of the Playstation Network. You can still use your UK account, however you have to fund it with either a UK funding source, or with prepaid cards.

How to Change Playstation Region & Country (Tested July 2020)

Apr 17, 2017 How to Change Playstation Region & Country (Tested July 2020) Once you’re logged in, head to the “PlayStation Network” icon located on the XMB and select, “Sign Up.” In the window that appears, choose “ Create a New Account (New Users) .” Select “ Country of Residence ” from the drop-down menu and enter your date of birth. How to change PSN Region on PS4 and access foreign PSN stores Dec 20, 2018