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Start up Internet Explorer and click the action button (tools menu) in the top-right corner of the screen. Then from the newly opened menu, click on Internet Options. Accessing Internet options via Internet Explorer; Inside the Internet Options screen, go to the Advanced tab and click the Reset button under Reset Internet Explorer settings. Note, when ENABLED, all the internet access is blocked. When Disabled blocked internet access is, unblocked. To Disable the Rule and Allow Internet Connectivity Access: Select both rules(BB1, BB2), go to the tab by the right, and locate: Disable Rule. Click on the button to toggle off. See image below: No website will be inaccessible and no web filter will deny you content once you learn the skills presented in this internet hacking video. In this tutorial you'll learn how to access blocked websites as well as to bypass web filters using URL scripting, HTTP proxies, and a web page translation trick as well as a ping IP address method. So in March I got some new stuff for my PC. I don't know why but any WiFi dongle i put in just fried completely. I decided to get a WiFi extender and use the wired function to connect to my PC. Over the last few days, my WiFi has been getting slower and slower. I went from around a 7-8 Mbps upload to around 2.

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Feb 24, 2014 · Don’t even get me started on paid internet access. I recently found out that the Vegas hotel I work at charges something like $30/24 hours for really crappy access. I know they have good network connections, we have really good connectivity at work. Your dad has probably set up an access control list blocking a range of ip address from accessing the internet or he has set up a port blocker. Steal your neighbors wifi problem solved. Or better yet talk to your parents and try to hash it out. Sep 21, 2010 · Most countries around the world censor the Internet to a degree, which can make for a frustrating surprise when you open your laptop lid in another country. (For example YouTube has been blocked in Turkey for the past two years.) As inconvenient and questionable as Internet censorship is, it's generally ineffective against a few free pieces of software. A Quick Look At How (Most) Censorship

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