Came here with a similar issue, but a different solution, so I'll post in case it helps anyone else. The difference in my situation was that, when running bash through Command Prompt, it complained about Legacy Mode being enabled.. Open a regular command prompt (win+r then cmd)Right-click the title bar and select Properties; Deselect "Use legacy console (requires restart)"

Fix Wi-Fi Hotspot Not Working (Can not connect) in Ubuntu Turning on Wi-Fi Hotspot in Wi-Fi settings is not working very well in Ubuntu 18.04 default Gnome desktop. It says ‘can not connect’ or ‘password error’ when I’m tring to connect via iOS or Android device. Since Ubuntu switched to Gnome 3, Wi-Fi Hotspot can be easily created by the System Settings utility. How to Change Hostname on Ubuntu 18.04 | Linuxize Mar 22, 2019 How to See Ubuntu Machines and Samba Shares on a Windows Jun 10, 2020

May 24, 2018

I was working with Lubuntu 16.04 on my Laptop. Suddenly, the mouse didn’t work. But the power supply goes in. It was a working Mouse. I wanted to help those who are searching for the USB Mouse Not Working on Ubuntu Problem.. Steps to Fix USB Mouse Not Working on Ubuntu Problem How to troubleshoot Wireless network issues in Ubuntu

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